GraPHPiteOpen Source PHP OO Graph Rendering Utility
What is GraPHPite?
GraPHPite is pronounced "graphite", as in the layered hexagonal structure of carbon. It is an acronym of Graph and PHP and 'ite to make it pronouncable.

GraPHPite as is indicated by the title a PHP project to, via PHP's object oriented model, simply but very customizable enable the user/developer to get exactly the look and feel they want.

GraPHPite News
2004-27-10 10:00: PEAR Package of GraPHPite version 0.3.0dev1 released
2004-15-09 11:00: GraPHPite version 1.2 released
2004-14-09 20:00: GraPHPite accepted into PEAR
2004-07-09 19:30: PEAR voting begun
2004-08-21 12:15: GraPHPite under way to PEAR
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GraPHPite functionality includes:

GraPHPite Demonstration Many chart types
Many types of data source
Many charts displayed in the same graph
Gradient colored filling
Image masked filling
Every line, every color, every font can be customized
Output as PNG or JPEG
Support for PHP5
...and much more, when we get around to it ;o)
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The only system requirement is:
PHP4 or PHP5 support with GD 2 support for optimal performance
GD 1.x is supported with minor functionality tradeofs

GraPHPite has been released as version 1.2, which can be downloaded from SourceForge: Download

Documentation can be found in the release package and here on the web: Documentation

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