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Image_Graph aka GraPHPite

The OpenSource PHP OO Graph Rendering Utility

What is Image_Graph/GraPHPite?

Image_Graph/GraPHPite is a PHP project to, via PHP's object oriented model, simply but very customizable enable the user/developer create graphs with exactly the look and feel they want.

Image_Graph/GraPHPite functionality includes:

Many chart types, amongst others:

  • Bar charts

  • Area charts

  • Line charts

  • Step charts

  • Impulse charts

  • Radar charts

  • Dot charts

  • Pie charts

  • Smoothed area charts

  • Smoothed line charts

  • Stacked area charts

  • Stacked bar charts

  • Multiple bar charts

  • Horizontal bar charts

Many types of data source:

  • Simple array based

  • Functions

  • Vector functions

Many charts displayed in the same graph

Gradient colored filling

Every line, every color, every font can be customized

Output as PNG or JPEG


The only system requirement is PHP 4 support with GD 2 support. GD 1.x support is currently only experimental.

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