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 Image_Graph/GraPHPite - Changelog
Version 1.2 [2004-Sep-15]
	* Fixed some more errors caused by error_reporting using E_NOTICE
	* Documentation brush up
	* Added logarithmic axis
	* Tested with PHP5
	* License changed from GPL to LGPL	
	* Changed to accomodate PEAR standards
	  - All classes are now named according to PEAR naming scheme, i.e. Image_Graph_*
	  - All class methods are sturdy caps i.e. Element::done(), Axis::forceMinimum()
	  - Include files are now named .php instead of .inc
	  - File structure changed
	  - All private variables/methods are prefixed with a _ (should have no effect on usage since
	    they are (should be!) private)
    * Axis' are now returned via the Plotarea::getAxis() method
	* Add methods now return a reference to the object, instead of the "odd" way of creating
	  global variables, i.e.:
        $Graph->addPlot(new Plot(), "Plot");
      is changed to:
        $Plot =& $Graph->addPlot(new Plot());
    * Coloring scheme changed so that named colors are now linked to a 24 bit integer value
      instead of the objects. setFillColor, setLineColor, setBorderColor and 
      setBackgroundColor instead of the corresponding -Style, to use the named colors). The
      colors are named according to the PEAR naming scheme: IMAGE_GRAPH_[COLOR], fx 
	* Included (a few) examples in the distribution

Version 1.1 [2004-Aug-16]
	* Added support for legends in PlotTypeMultipleData (i.e. StackedBarChart, StackedAreaChart and StackedBarChart100Pct)
	* Added step-, impulse-, horizontal bar- and dot chart (dot chart is marker only chart)
	* Added AxisSequential for using a non-numerical axis (i.e x-values '1st quarter', '2nd quarter', etc.) for use "instead" of a ArrayData preprocessor for labelling
	* Added setLineColor, setFillColor, setBackgroundColor and setBorderColor to allow settting colors directly using RGB values instead of Color objects
	* Added PlotareaMap to allow for map charts
	* Added FloodFillMarker and PercentageCircleMarker
	* Changed CircleMarker to use polygon instead of arc, to allow (proper) non-solid filling
	* Fixed Title to work when used in a Layout
	* Added a secondary Marker to the Marker class to allow for multiple/"nested" markers
	* Added global variable DEFAULT_VERTICAL_FONT (which is an instance of VerticalFont)
	* Added PlotareaLayout - a standard layout with plot- and axis- titles (using DEFAULT_FONT!)
	* Added showShadow to GraPHPElement to allow *any* element to be able to show shadows! Note however it may not always look good
	* "Re"-fixed bug #989601 - Pixel oddities
	* Changed Documentation to NOT include source code - to reduce documentation size (approx 2Mb)

Version 1.0 [2004-Jul-26]
	* Added spider/radar charts
	* Added AverageMarker
	* Added LineArray and MarkerArray similar to FillArray
	* Changed include file structure - every class in its own file (Java style)
	* Fixed so that GraPHPite works with error_reporting using E_NOTICE
	* Changed PieCharts to use polygon instead of arc, to allow (proper) non-solid filling
	* Fixed bug #982634 - GradientFill on BarChart broken in 0.9e?
	* Fixed bug #989601 - Pixel oddities
	* Legends with GradientFill or ImageFill now shows correctly (FillArray shows the "next in line")

Version 0.9e [2004-Jun-29]
	* Added stacked area charts
	* Added possibility to show min, max and zero labels on axis
	* Changed FontTTF so that scaling when angled works properly
	* Added VerticalFont, fx for simple vertical printing of X-axis labels
	* Changed Layout/Plotarea hierarki slightly - does not have any effect on usage
	* Made Text as layoutable, i.e. it is possible to use in vertical/horizontal layouts
	* Fixed bug #978231 - The has an error in the function MaximumY()
	* Fixed bug #981227 - GradientFill/ImageFill does not work within FillArray
	* Added possibility to hide the GraPHPite logo

Version 0.9d [2004-Jun-25]
	* Added legends
	* Added layouts (Java style)

Version 0.9c [2004-Jun-15]
	* Added pie-charts
	* Added stacked/multiple bar charts
	* Fixed bugs
	* Improved visual appearance

Version 0.9b [2003-Nov-03]
	* 2nd release, minor changed

Versiob 0.9a [2003-Oct-14]
	* Initial release

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