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                          version 1.2
  ------ CopyRight (C) Jesper Veggerby Hansen, 2003-2004 ------


	This library is free software; you can redistribute it
	and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
	Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
	either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
	any later version.

GraPHPite is pronounced "graphite", as in the layered hexagonal
structure of carbon, is an acronym of Graph and PHP and 'ite to
make it pronouncable.

GraPHPite as is indicated by the title a PHP project to, via
PHP's object oriented model, simple but very customizable enable
the user/developer to get exactly the look and feel they want.

GraPHPite functionality includes:
* Many chart types, amongst others:
  - Bar charts (normal, stacked, stacked 100%)
  - Area charts (normal, smoothed)
  - Line charts (normal, smoothed)
  - 2D Pie Charts
  - Radar Charts
  - ...and more
* Many types of data source
  - Simple array based
  - Functions
  - Vector functions
  - ...and more
* Graph smoothing using Bezier curves
  - Cubic splines will be introduced in a future version
* Many charts displayed in the same graph
* Gradient colored filling
* Image masked filling
* Every line, every color, every font can be customized
* Output as PNG or JPEG
* Antialiasing
* Legends
* ...and much more

The only system requirement is PHP4/PHP5 support with GD 2 support.
Full GD 1.x support, with functionality tradeof.

Tested with: PHP >= 4.3.3 with GD 1.x & 2.x and PHP 5.0.1 with GD 2.x

You can get the latest version at

Install from ZIP package:
- Download from and unzip 
- Include Graph.php in the graph page

Install using installer:
- Download and run installer from
- Follow instructions

As of version 1.2 GraPHPite has been refactored to support the PEAR standard. This has
(unfortunately) a large impact on existing users. Major changes to version 1.1 is:

 * All classes are now named according to PEAR naming scheme, i.e. Image_Graph_*
 * All class methods are sturdy caps i.e. Element::done(), Axis::forceMinimum()
 * Axis' are now returned via the Plotarea::getAxis() method
 * Add methods now return a reference to the object, instead of the "odd" way of creating
   global variables, i.e.:
     $Graph->addPlot(new Plot(), "Plot");
   is changed to:
     $Plot =& $Graph->addPlot(new Plot());
 * Coloring scheme changed so that named colors are now linked to a 24 bit integer value
   instead of the objects. setFillColor, setLineColor, setBorderColor and 
   setBackgroundColor instead of the corresponding -Style, to use the named colors). The
   colors are named according to the PEAR naming scheme: IMAGE_GRAPH_[COLOR], fx 
 * Include files are now named .php instead of .inc
 * File structure changed to accomodate PEAR structure

See ChangeLog in the distribution package for further changes

See for documentation


Release history of Image_Graph/GraPHPite (see also ChangeLog for changes)
1.2: 15-Sep-2004 (Tested with PHP5 - PEAR - renamed to Image_Graph)
1.1: 16-Aug-2004
1.0: 26-Jul-2004 (First stable release)
0.9e: 29-Jun-2004 (Last beta release)
0.9d: 25-Jun-2004
0.9c: 15-Jun-2004
0.9b: 03-Nov-2003
0.9a: 14-Oct-2003

Hope you enjoy the "software" and report all the bugs and feature

* Nosey
  - The GraPHPite Project Admin

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