GraPHPiteOpen Source PHP OO Graph Rendering Utility
GraPHPite Features
GraPHPite has many features, here are mentioned but a few of them:

Many chart types
Many types of data source
Many charts displayed in the same graph
Alpha blending
Gradient colored filling
Image masked filling
Every line, every color, every font can be customized
Output as PNG or JPEG
157 built-in named colors
Supports anti-aliasing
Many types of data markers
Exhaustive documentation with tutorials and examples
Built on an object oriented framework, which allows for easy extension and customization
Can save graps do disks for batch procedures
Can genereate thumbnails / scale graphs
Supports True-Type fonts
Java style layout of multiple plots
Line/area-smoothing using Bezier curves
Support for PHP5

Upcoming Features
3D Pie Charts (0% complete)
Plot statistics (0% complete)
Legend support for MultipleBarChart, StackedBarChart, StackedAreaChart and StackedBarChart100Pct (95% complete)
GraPHPite as PEAR project (0% complete)

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