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GraPHPite under way to PEAR (2004-08-21 12:15)
Work is currently in progress to make GraPHPite available as a PEAR package. This requires a major conversion: class and filenames has to be changed, which will make existing GraPHPite pages fail (also private methods, etc. has to be changed, but this should have no effect on usage - unless the encapsulation is violated).

This step is taken to make GraPHPite easier available and more visible to the PHP community, I hope that current users can see the advantage of this and take the changes for what they are - a (hopefully) one-time change.

The GraPHPite package is currently a PEAR proposal (i.e. acceptance is not guaranteed). The source for GraPHPite is already being updated and committed to the SourceForge CVS. Users of CVS should therefore be carefull when they update, since the repository contains the PEAR compatible version. Use the CVS tagged version PRE_1_2_0_0 for the last version before the conversion began.

The change to a PEAR package also makes GraPHPite be licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License, which should be an advantage to most users, since it makes it possible to use GraPHPite in commercial products, without the need for the product to be GPL.

See the PEAR proposal here: GraPHPite PEAR Proposal.

Please take a moment to comment on the proposal: either for or against (and please do not comment against just because it causes your code to change) - this is meant as a step forward for the project.

/nosey (project admin)

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