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PEAR voting begun (2004-07-09 19:30)
This morning the voting stage began for the GraPHPite project on PEAR. The voting will end at 08:00 2003-09-14 UTC and will then hopefully show a minimum sum of 5.

Thanks to everybody for commenting the GraPHPite project. This step will hopefully help improve us even more, by being more visible to a larger audience - the more users, the more ideas.

For those who would like to see the current state of affairs, check the CVS version - but be warned if you are using GraPHPite already - the "apparent" changes are major - a note from the README:

 * All classes are now named according to PEAR naming scheme, i.e. Image_Graphpite_*
 * All class methods are sturdy caps i.e. Element::done(), Axis::forceMinimum()
 * Axis' are now returned via the Plotarea::getAxis() method
 * Add methods now return a reference to the object, instead of the "odd" way of creating
   global variables, i.e.:
     $Graph->addPlot(new Plot(), "Plot");
   is changed to:
     $Plot =& $Graph->addPlot(new Plot());
 * Coloring scheme changed so that named colors are now linked to a 24 bit integer value
   instead of the objects. setFillColor, setLineColor, setBorderColor and 
   setBackgroundColor instead of the corresponding -Style, to use the named colors). The
   colors are named according to the PEAR naming scheme: IMAGE_GRAPHPITE_[COLOR], fx 
 * Include files are now named .php instead of .inc
 * File structure changed to accomodate PEAR structure

See the votes here: GraPHPite PEAR Votes.

/nosey (project admin)

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