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GraPHPite accepted into PEAR (2004-14-09 20:00)
This morning the voting stage ended for the GraPHPite project on PEAR. The result was a convincing "victory" - 12 votes for, 0 against.

What this means is that GraPHPite will (relatively) soon be available through PEAR.

However due to the fact that an in PEAR a very similar package Image_Graph exists already, GraPHPite will not as the initial thought, be available as Image_Graphpite, but instead the developers of Image_Graph and I have agreed upon a cooperation where we merge the ideas of the two packages, but based upon the current version of GraPHPite. This should (hopefully) not mean anything for existing users of the GraPHPite package.

The plan is to begin integrating the two packages ASAP, and release a version. In the meantime the current version of GraPHPite will be released as version 1.2 (later this week) and this will be the "final" release of this branch of the project. The current CVS files will be updated to accomodate the new name: Image_Graph, to avoid as many changes as possible when the first true PEAR package is released under the name Image_Graph.

The first ideas for new features in the merged package is:

  • A driver based output model to support more formats, i.e SVG and SWF
  • Implement a secondary y-axis

See the votes here: GraPHPite PEAR Votes.

/nosey (project admin)

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