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GraPHPite version 1.2 released (2004-15-09 11:00)
GraPHPite version 1.2 has been released. This release contains a major change to the structure. This unfortunately makes this version not backwards compatible with earlier versions. The change is caused by the PEAR integration process, which requires the use of PEAR coding standards and naming schemes. While being a change to the existing GraPHPite code it is a structurally improvement nonetheless and I hope this step will be approved by existing users.

The GraPHPite project has been accepted into PEAR, and will merge with the existing Image_Graph package, but the GraPHPite package will become the base of this new package, making yet another API change become less likely.

Changes to this version are:

  • Fixed some more errors caused by error_reporting using E_NOTICE
  • Documentation brush up
  • Added logarithmic axis
  • Tested with PHP5
  • License changed from GPL to LGPL
  • Changed to accomodate PEAR standards
    • All classes are now named according to PEAR naming scheme, i.e. Image_Graph_*
    • All class methods are sturdy caps i.e. Element::done(), Axis::forceMinimum()
    • Include files are now named .php instead of .inc
    • File structure changed
    • All private variables/methods are prefixed with a _ (should have no effect on usage sincethey are (should be!) private)
  • Axis' are now returned via the Plotarea::getAxis() method
  • Add methods now return a reference to the object, instead of the "odd" way of creating global variables, i.e.:
    $Graph->addPlot(new Plot(), "Plot");
    is changed to:
    $Plot =& $Graph->addPlot(new Plot());
  • Coloring scheme changed so that named colors are now linked to a 24 bit integer valueinstead of the objects. setFillColor, setLineColor, setBorderColor andsetBackgroundColor instead of the corresponding -Style, to use the named colors). Thecolors are named according to the PEAR naming scheme: IMAGE_GRAPH_[COLOR], fxIMAGE_GRAPH_RED
  • Included (a few) examples in the distribution

For more details see ChangeLog in the distribution

Feature requests and enhancements are most welcome, and improvements/bug fixes will as always be fixed ASAP. Please post requests to the Feature Requests section of the GraPHPite project page.

Release information and package: SourceForge

/nosey (project admin)

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