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CVS for GraPHPite now available at SourceForge (2004-07-26 16:30)
As of today (starting from version 1.0) the GraPHPite project now uses the CVS service available from SourceForge. This means that users are able to update more frequently (although they are non-stable - meaning non-guaranteed-stable versions).

To access the anonymous CVS see the CVS page - the module name is graphpite.

The CVS repository also contains tutorials, so that it should be possible to build beta-documentation as well, by using phpDocumentor (available as PEAR project)

You can browse the CVS repository from this web-based CVS viewer however there is a delay on the contents of this.

/nosey (project admin)

More News...
2004-27-10 10:00: PEAR Package of GraPHPite version 0.3.0dev1 released
2004-15-09 11:00: GraPHPite version 1.2 released
2004-14-09 20:00: GraPHPite accepted into PEAR
2004-07-09 19:30: PEAR voting begun
2004-08-21 12:15: GraPHPite under way to PEAR
2004-08-25 22:45: GraPHPite 1.1 tested sucessfully on PHP 5.0.1
2004-08-25 11:00: GraPHPite celebrates 1 year birthday
2004-08-16 12:15: GraPHPite version 1.1 released
2004-07-26 16:30: CVS for GraPHPite now available at SourceForge
2004-07-26 11:00: GraPHPite declared stable - version 1.0 released
2004-06-29 13:15: GraPHPite 0.9e Released - Last beta release
2004-06-28 11:45: GraPHPite exiting beta phase
2004-06-25 14:00: GraPHPite 0.9d Released
2004-06-17 16:27: The brand new GraPHPite Logo
2004-06-16 16:03: GraPHPite 0.9c Released
2004-06-15 14:31: Site Facelift

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